Welcome to the page of the steam icebreaker s/s Sankt Erik. A working museum ship from 1915. This page is run by the Friend’s of Sankt Erik, ”Föreningen s/s Isbrytaren Sankt Eriks vänner”.

Sankt Erik has been in the docs this winter, to replace some steel plates. We hope to be back in business with some pleasure trips in the summer of 2020. To book or ask about her, please send a mail to kontakt@sankterik1915.se and we’ll provide the information.

Sankt Erik’s main engine, a tripple expansion steam engine of 2800 hp, is probably the largest working marine steam engine in the world today.


s/s Sankt Erik, more than 100 years old, and still in working order


Tours in the archipelago

If you want to book a cruice in the beautiful archipellago, please visit this page.


Support us!

If you want to support us and keep Sankt Eriks’ engines working, please donate to the volunteer’s bank account in Nordea: 23 42 13 – 7. (If you have a swedish phone with a swish account you can also send it to: +46 123 56 24 358).

Thank you!

The ”steam team” of volunteers who took Sankt Erik for a test sail in 2016

For opening hours on Sankt Erik, see the Maritime museum’s homepage

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